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Editor’s Picks of the Week – Certina, Junghans and Breguet

Balazs Ferenczi
Mar 13, 2019
Editor’s Picks of the Week


The authors of the Chrono24 Magazine hand-pick the best watch offers on Chrono24 – from affordable daily drivers to famous watch icons and exceptional collector’s pieces.

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This week’s offers:


Daily Drivers: Great Watches for Under 5,000 Euros

Certina DS PH200M


Certina did a great job with the DS PH200M last year. The watch was released during BaselWorld 2018 and became an instant favorite among the watch journalists in attendance. It is very different than previous Certina models. To start with, it takes its inspiration from a vintage Certina from the 1960s. The most important design features all stem from this model, including the large diving bezel, sword hands, and even the dial with its thin red crosshair. More importantly, however, is the legendary Certina DS (Double Security) system in the watch. The system is comprised of rubber ring that rests between the movement and the internal side of the case, which serves to protect the caliber from major impacts. To finish it off, the Certina DS PH200M is fitted with the great Powermatic movement, which has an 80-hour power reserve. Many Swatch Group brands use this same movement in their respective timepieces. You can get all this and more at a very attractive price.


Enthusiast’s Corner: Rare or Exceptional Timepieces

Junghans Bundeswehr Chronograph


The Junghans Bundeswehr chronograph has to be one of the most underrated military watches from the 1950s. When the new Bundeswehr (armed forces) formed in West Germany years after World War II, they were in need of a wristwatch for their troops. Junghans won the contract. The watch they submitted featured a matte chrome case, rimmed bezel, plain black dial, large numerals, and the amazing calibre J88. It was a comfortable 38 mm in diameter. Its manual caliber, the J88, is considered an intriguing vintage chronograph movement. The column wheel movement was developed by Junghans and used in the Bundeswehr watches as well as civilian timepieces from the same era. Even though the Bundeswehr received a considerable number of Junghans watches, they are getting rarer by the day. The timepieces on the market are appreciating in value and finding one in great condition is getting more and more difficult.


Iconic Timepieces: Great Value for Your Money

Breguet Classique Retrograde Seconds



Breguet is a name that everyone involved in the watch world has heard of. Abraham-Louis Breguet is one of the most prominent historical figures in the watch industry. His legendary work influenced many generations of watchmakers across the world and still does to this day, almost 200 years after his death. The watch company bearing his name is no longer connected to the Breguet family (not since 1895, in fact), however, the timepieces they create still have a traditional look with roots in the 19th century. Breguet watches, new or old, are among the most sought-after timepieces and often command astronomical prices. Luckily for us, they also have models with more wallet-friendly price tags featuring the same classic Breguet looks. The Breguet Classique Retrograde Seconds is one such watch. It features an elegant precious metal case, 39 mm diameter, engine-turned dial, and beautiful blued steel hands – these are just some of the characteristics that make this timepiece a contemporary classic. It is not only a tasteful timepiece, but also a great conversation starter from one of the forerunners in modern watchmaking.


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Balazs Ferenczi
By Balazs Ferenczi
Mar 13, 2019
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