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New Tudor Releases Announced at Watches and Wonders 2023 in Geneva

By Jorg Weppelink

New Tudor Releases Announced at Watches and Wonders 2023 in Geneva (Image: Tudor)

While the hysteria for new Rolex pieces has been a given over the past decade or so, new Tudor releases have also started garnering attention in recent years. The brand has proven that it can live up to the hype with some clever and solid releases. This year, we’ve gotten more innovations that show that there is no end in sight when it comes to expanding the Tudor collection, especially the popular Black Bay series. So, let’s take a look at the new Tudor models that will surely have people scrambling to their nearest Tudor dealer.

The Tudor Black Bay 54

I’ll kick things off with the biggest Tudor release for 2023: The new Black Bay 54 is the latest addition to the Black Bay lineup, and it’s bound to go down a treat with fans. It’s a smaller 37-mm Black Bay intended to complement the standard 41-mm version and the hugely popular Black Bay 58. But the new Black Bay 54 is more than just a compact version of the BB58. Tudor redesigned the case, dial, and bezel to strike perfect proportional balance. Not only that, but there are other small but significant design updates that look fantastic.

Tudor Black Bay 54 (Image: Tudor)
Tudor Black Bay 54 (image: Tudor)

The 37-mm stainless steel case has a stainless steel bezel hosting a black aluminum bezel inlay. Friends of the Black Bay 58 will immediately spot that Tudor didn’t include the red triangle that holds the lume pip at 12 o’clock, choosing to blend it in with the silver print on the rest of the bezel instead. It also doesn’t have the gold print and hash marks seen on the bezel inlay of the Black Bay 54’s bigger brother. The result is a nice, calm bezel that is much more subdued. Tudor also updated the crown to a Rolex-style crown, just another clever design element hinting at the history of the Tudor divers from the 1950s.

Tudor Black Bay 54 Strap Variations (Image: Tudor)
Tudor Black Bay 54 strap variations (image: Tudor)

Inside the case, Tudor equips the watches with their in-house caliber MT5400. This movement is COSC-certified to ensure great accuracy and offers a 70-hour power reserve. The new Black Bay 54 comes on your choice of a stainless steel bracelet or black rubber strap, both of which are suited and booted with Tudor’s great T‑Fit clasp. On stainless steel, the watch comes in at $3,850, while a rubber strap will reduce the investment to $3,625. You cannot get a better watch at that price point; well, maybe only the bigger versions, if 37 mm is too small for you. But I’m sure the new Black Bay 54 will be a great hit with its vintage Tudor vibe.

The Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer

The second release that immediately jumps out at me is the Tudor Black Bay 41 on account of its red bezel, Jubilee bracelet, and Master Chronometer movement. The watch takes the red bezel inlay out of hiatus and brings it back into the Black Bay lineup. The inlay went AWOL for a number of years, even though there have always been plenty of fans of the bezel color. But Tudor didn’t decide to merely reincarnate the red bezel: they’re outfitting the new Black Bay with the METAS-certified MT5602-U. Master Chronometer certification guarantees, by means of rigorous testing, that the movement has a daily accuracy of between 0 and +5 seconds. Additionally, it must be Swiss made, offer the indicated power reserve, be able to resist magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss, and have a depth rating in line with ISO 22810:2010. All in all, this new Black Bay does more than offer extreme precision.

Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer (Image: Tudor)
Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer (image: Tudor)

Along with bringing back the red bezel, Tudor also announced that they’ll be offering a Jubilee bracelet as one of the three band options for the first time. The bracelet gives the watch a significantly different feel than the usual faux-rivet Oyster bracelet or the black rubber strap, and I’m positive that many fans will opt for a Jubilee for their Black Bay. But that’s still not all: Tudor redesigned the case for this red-bezel Black Bay. The updated case features a slightly more sloped bezel with more prolific knurling, for a better grip. So, it’s not just a simple addition to the lineup, but an improved version of the standard Black Bay. The new Master Chronometer Black Bay will be available for €4,400 on the Jubilee bracelet (approx. $4,800), €4,300 on the Oyster bracelet (approx. $4,700), and €4,130 on the rubber strap (approx. $4,500).

Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer(Image: Tudor)
Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer (image: Tudor)

The Tudor Black Bay GMT

Although some fans have been longing for a new Black Bay Pro with a white “Polar” dial, Tudor announced that it would be the Black Bay GMT that would be getting a white opaline dial. This new dial color hosts a black minute track for optimal contrast to ensure readability at all times. The new aesthetic will surely be met with approval; it’s a step away from the signature Rolex colors, and that only makes it a more likeable timepiece. Inside the 41-mm stainless steel case, you’ll find the trusty COSC-certified caliber MT5652, also used for the other Black Bay GMT models in the collection. The watch will be available for €4,270 on a stainless steel bracelet (approx. $4,600) and €3,970 on a black and red NATO strap (approx. $4,300).

Tudor Black Bay GMT (Image: Tudor)
Tudor Black Bay GMT (image: Tudor)

The Tudor Black Bay and Royal Collection

Another big reveal from Tudor this year is the updated Black Bay collection with its fixed stainless steel bezels. The new Black Bay will be available in 31, 36, 39 and 41 mm and come with a revised Jubilee-style bracelet complete with T-Fit clasp. Tudor also switched to in-house COSC-certified movements. The movements of the 36, 39, and 41-mm versions all offer a 70-hour power reserve, while the 31-mm model comes with a 50-hour power reserve. The different sizes also feature different dial colors. Prices for the new Black Bay models start at €3,710 for the 31-mm models (approx. $4,000), €3,810 for the 36-mm models (approx. $4,100), €3,910 for the 39-mm models (approx. $4,200), and €4,020 for the 41-mm models (approx. $4,400).

Tudor Black Bay with champaign Dial (Image: Tudor)
Tudor Black Bay with a champagne dial (image: Tudor)

For the Royal collection, Tudor announced two new stunning dial colors. The first is a salmon dial reserved for their stainless steel model, and the second is a dark chocolate brown dial for its two-tone steel and gold version. Both dials are available on the 28, 34, 38 and 41-mm models and come with a full set of applied Roman numerals for the 12 hours. The update looks superb and injects style into the Royal collection. Those looking for glitz and glam will also not be disappointed: the models come with diamond hour markers, too.

Tudor Royal with salmon Dial (Image: Tudor)
Tudor Royal with a salmon dial (image: Tudor)

The stainless steel salmon dial versions come in at €2,300 in 28 mm, €2,350 in 34 mm, €2,400 in 38 mm, and €2,460 in 41 mm (approx. $2,500, $2,550, $2,600, and $2,700, respectively). The two-tone version features a brown dial and is somewhat more expensive, retailing for €3,440 in 28 mm, €3,500 in 34 mm, €3,600 in 38 mm, and €3,660 in 41 mm (approx. $3,700, $3,800, $3,900, and $3,970, respectively). By adding these dials and giving us the choice of a full set of Roman numerals, Tudor made another smart move that increases the appeal of the Royal collection tremendously.

Tudor unveiled some clever and much-desired updates and novelties that will keep the brand the talk of town for the coming months. Hats off to Tudor for delivering some amazing pieces once again!

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