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  • Low listing fee
  • 90% sales rate
  • Free escrow service
Low listing fee
90% sales rate
Free escrow service

Why Chrono24?

  • It's the leading marketplace for luxury watches

    It's the leading marketplace for luxury watches

    Chrono24 specializes in luxury watches and presents watches in a professional environment. You'll achieve the best prices here.

  • Over 350,000 potential buyers daily

    Over 350,000 potential buyers daily

    Your ad is visible to potential buyers in over 90 countries. This means 9 out of every 10 watches quickly attracts the attention of a serious buyer.

  • Safe and secure payment processing

    Safe and secure payment processing

    We take care of the entire transaction. You will always receive your money directly into your account and in your own currency.

Sell quickly and easily

  • 1. Place your ad

    1. Place your ad

  • 2. Receive purchase requests

    2. Receive purchase requests

  • 3. Sell your watch

    3. Sell your watch

More safety and success for sales made using the free escrow service

More than 60% of sellers are already using the Escrow Service on Chrono24. In doing so, you only send your watch once the buyer has transferred the money into a secure escrow account. This service comes at no cost to you, increases trust between buyer and seller, and boosts your chances of selling!

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Private Seller Testimonials

  • I've sold two watches on Chrono24 and am very happy, especially with the Escrow Service. It guarantees security for me and my buyers during our transactions and simplifies sales significantly.
    Joannis, Germany
  • I've sold watches on Chrono24 since 2012. Since so many people from all around the world use the site, I always find a reliable buyer quickly and easily.
    Ype, The Netherlands
  • Creating an ad is quick and easy. On Chrono24, I'm able to reach buyers from all over the world with little effort.
    Jean-Marc, France
  • I've already sold a few watches on Chrono24. The Escrow Service guaranteed everything was safe for both parties.
    Robert, Germany
  • Thanks to the global reach, I can always quickly find buyers for my watches. I'm very satisfied with the final sales prices.
    Dirk, Germany
  • On Chrono24 I can sell my watches for the prices I list them at. With its global reach and accessible support, Chrono24 is the optimal platform for selling watches.
    Mark, USA

Any questions?

How do I place an ad for a watch?
Place an ad for your watch in just a few steps using our form:
  1. Describe your watch in detail. The more detailed your description is, the easier it is for potential buyers to find your ad.
  2. Add up to 4 pictures of the watch to your ad. Keep your camera handy. During the ad creation process, you'll be asked to take 2 photographs of the watch set to a specific time and upload them as proof of ownership. These photographs are also displayed in your ad.
  3. Enter your personal information.
  4. In the final step you can review your information one last time and pay the ad fee.
How much does an ad cost and what are the payment methods available?
We charge a fee of 4.5% of the listing price for private watch ads. There is a minimum charge of 5 EUR and a maximum charge of 299 EUR per ad, regardless of the listing price. If your watch doesn't sell within 6 months, we will fully reimburse you the fee. You can pay this ad fee via PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer. Last updated 10/2015.
How exactly does the money-back guarantee work?
If you do not sell your watch within 6 months, we will refund your listing fee. The conditions for this are: that your watch was posted online at Chrono24 for 6 months, that it was not sold, and that it is still in your possession. You must also show - within 4 weeks after the 6 months have expired - that you still own the watch.
What is a reference number?
The reference number indicates the model and/or model variant of your watch and can be composed of several different letters and numbers. With certain manufacturers, you can find the reference number on the case back (not to be confused with the case number), between the lugs and sometimes even engraved on the dial. You should always be able to find the reference number in the documents relating to your watch or in the invoice. If you cannot find the reference number, look online for the name of the manufacturer on the dial and compare the image results with your watch. This quick bit of research should help you in most cases.

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